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How to prepare for competitive exams

July 15 2017


In this competitive world, being well prepared is the key to success. In today’s world no matter which field we belong to, we are required to appear for competitive exams to get admissions in universities, for civil services or for any other position in public sector. These exams aim to choose worthy candidates, so here are the practices you should follow to prepare well for competitive exams:


Time Management:


 Time is the most crucial factor in determining your success in competitive exams. Make sure you start your preparations early, so that you have ample time in your hands and there is no panic at the last moment. Divide the entire syllabus into equal parts in order to be able to cover the whole syllabus on time. 




For example: If you have 10 chapters to cover and 15 days of preparation time, then make sure you complete 1 chapter in 1 day, leaving the last 5 days for revision.


Sample Papers and Mock Tests to prepare for competitive exams:


Attempting sample papers and previous year question papers helps you to formulate a better strategy for the exam and know your weaknesses. It will give you a better understanding of the pattern of the question paper and make it easier to finish the paper in the given time. The more sample papers you solve, the more confident and prepared you will feel during the competitive exam. Work hard to overcome your weaknesses.




Smart work along with Hard work:


It is true that there is no alternative to hard work when it comes to preparing for competitive exams but smart work is also as important as hard work. You should start with the subjects and the topics that are most difficult and carry the maximum weightage. Take a short 10 minute break now and then if you are finding it difficult to focus for a long period of time.


Do away with distractions:


Maintain a balance between your study time and other activities. To prepare for competitive exams set aside a fixed time for your studies. Discipline yourself, do away with distractions. Switch off your phone and sit in a room without TV while studying. Ask the people around you not to disturb you while you are studying.




Do not fall under the pressure:


You might be under a lot of pressure to prepare for a competitive exam and do well. Tension and anxiety is not going to help your preparation, instead stay calm and relaxed. Do not study because of pressure from your parents, siblings, and relatives. Stay motivated and do it for yourself.


If you work hard and study with a right frame of mind, success is sure to come knocking at your door. At the end of the day, even if you do not succeed, understand that it is okay to fail and do not get disheartened. Do a thorough preparation for competitive exams and be confident while giving the exam. Be an efficient time manager while preparing for the exam as well as during the exam. Allot time to each section and try to complete it within the desired time frame. Prepare for the competitive exam with focus and determination.


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