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Is coaching necessary for bank exams

June 27 2017



If I talk about only BANGALORE , It has more than 100 coaching centers spread across city whose job is to teach students for Banking coaching exams like IBPS PO , SBI PO , SSC etc where more than 1,00,000 study and prepare for Banking exams but many students feel confused while taking decision on going to coaching. Reasons may be as follows.












1. Lack of Commitment: First reason , why a student does not like to attend a Bank coaching while preparing is lack of commitment towards his or her preparation because , if you want to crack an exam in which about 13 million students appear for few thousand seats then you need guidance from someone who has experience of the field.  You can convince society and yourself by your statements that in Bank exams all what is required is your problem solving speed , else course material or syllabus is of class 10th and Reasoning and Analytic calculation needs practice. You may convince yourself but always focus on your achievement with time.

To All students who feel that Coaching is not necessary while preparing for exams like that of Bank coaching exams , I have few questions.

1. Have you been making your routines regularly.

2. Till how many days you have followed your routines.












Yes , Researches in the past have clearly defined that serious students join coaching online or classroom coaching just to increase there devotion towards their preparation. Once a student pays fee , he or she considers it to be his right to attend every lecture being taught , just because he or she has paid money for it.


A students also feels asking questions from his faculty as his special right and thus to sound logical in class , students take their preparation seriously. This makes every student preparing for exam serious and thus Relation gets established between your preparations and coaching.


A coaching is not at all important if you are serious enough with your studies and have proved yourself in past but , if you have not been able to give the committed time to your studies then do not waste time and its right to take guidance.



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